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This survey on Net Zero Carbon definitions is run jointly by CIBSE and LETI.

The built environment in the UK and around the world is increasingly committed to achieve Net Zero buildings. To deliver real progress, we need to agree on what this means, in practice and in the detail.

As a step towards this, and building on the work by the UKGBC, in summer 2021 LETI and the Whole Life Carbon Network, supported by the RIBA, produced a set of definitions:

CIBSE and LETI are now working together to produce a set of FAQs on the definitions, and we are running a survey about it, to make sure the definitions are applied consistently in as many real-life situations are possible, and that they deliver the right outcomes.

In parallel, CIBSE are considering whether to adopt the definitions and are keen to hear views on this.

The survey asks for your opinion on the following:
Do you agree with the definitions and their interpretation in the FAQs?
Are the FAQs clear?
Do you have other questions that you think should be addressed in the FAQs?
Do you think CIBSE should adopt the definitions?

Please help produce the FAQs and inform CIBSE's decisions by taking part in the survey. EXTENDED TIL Friday 3 December 2021.

Before filling the survey, note:

  • This survey is not stand-alone. It should be read alongside the draft FAQs, which provide background and explanations on the questions. Please read the FAQ document first, which can be found here.
  • No question is mandatory. You can just skip questions or sections as you wish, to focus on the areas that you are most interested and/or expert in.
  • You do not have to provide your contact details, unless you wish to.

Contact Clara Bagenal George at LETI ( or Julie Godefroy at CIBSE ( if you have any question or comment.


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